Je vous partage un communiqué de presse de Esther Renée, créatrice et propriétaire de Philly Loves Lacquer, qui nous présente la prochaine Beauty Quartet Box, qui est une box contenant 1 vernis + 1 goodie (produit de soin, bougie, bijou, ou autre, toujours handmade) de 4 marques indies différentes, dont, bien sur, Philly Loves Lacquer. Mais ça, c’est ce qui se passe d’habitude. Parce que ce mois ci, la Beauty Quartet Box a un an. Et pour l’occasion, Esther s’est associée à 8 marques. Oui, vous avez bien lu : 8 marques! La Beauty Quartet Box contiendra donc 8 vernis, au prix habituel ! (75$ pour la France) 

Si vous ne connaissez pas cette box, je vous laisse regarder les articles que j’ai déjà fait à ce sujet : BQB de juin, BQB de Février, BQB de Décembre .

Je n’ai pas fait d’article sur la toute première, et je n’avais pas acheté celle d’avril, mais j’avais posté le contenu de la première box sur Instagram  :

Je ne peux vous dire qu’une chose de plus, c’est ma box préférée!

 Je vous laisse avec Esther, le communiqué de presse est en anglais, et est suivi d’une petit FAQ pour celles qui se poseraient des questions. Si vous avez un peu de mal avec l’anglais, il y a widget traduction en haut à droite dans la colonne juste à côté. Et, au pire, je peux le traduire si vraiment vous en avez besoin!




Philly Loves Lacquer and Smokey Mountain Lacquers present : TRICK OR TREAT!


For the one-year anniversary of the Beauty Quartet Box, Kim of Smokey Mountain Lacquers and I decided to make a super-sized box to celebrate! So we came up with the BQB+4.

It will include 8 exclusive limited edition bottles of nail polish from Philly Loves Lacquer, Smokey Mountain Lacquers, and Rica, Dollish Polish, Gothic Gala Lacquers, Love Angeline, Girly Bits, and My Indie Polish.

Price: $65 shipped in the US • $70 shipped to Canada • $75 shipped everywhere else

The BQB+4 will be available for pre-order at September 15th through September 30th, and will ship shortly after.


Collage Courtesy of @honeybee_nails on Instagram

Here is the October Lineup (from top left across):

Abracapocus by Girly Bits
a greyish/greenish holo base with green shimmer and orange, green, purple, and black glitter

Blue Moon by My Indie Polish
a cobalt holo jelly

Sanguine Nocte by Gothic Gala Lacquers
a burgundy with violet and red shimmer

BOO! by Love, Angeline
a dark green olive-y linear holo with a gold flash

Vampire Sangria by Rica
a burgundy linear holo with a touch of gold holo micro flakes

Burning Rain of Death by Philly Loves Lacquer
a black jelly base filled with a rainbow of micro glitter and holo sparkles

Welcome Foolish Mortals by Dollish Polish
a black jelly with a hint of purple shimmer, filled with matte aqua, blue, teal, periwinkle, amethyst, purple, indigo glitters, and a pinch of neon green and orange.

Reborn by Smokey Mountain Lacquers
a fuchsia crelly with a hint of shimmer that is black light reflective



Q: Why did you choose to do 8 makers and 8 polishes instead of the normal 4 makers and 4 polishes/4extras?
A: We wanted to make a special box to celebrate the BQB’s one-year anniversary, so we included 2015’s favorite guests, as well as two well-known Canadian indie brands.

Q: Is this a subscription?
A: No! The BQB is a pre-order, and will be available from September 15th until September 30th, or if we run out of our cap of 50 boxes sooner.

Q: Will you sell more than 50 boxes?
A: Possibly. If we sell out quickly, and there’s a high demand, we may release some more sets.

Q: Where can I buy the BQB+4? Will it be available in all the maker’s shops?
A: No, it will only be available for purchase at

Q: When will the BQB+4 ship? Will I get it by Halloween?
A: The BQB+4 will ship in the beginning of October, once I receive all of the makers’ contributions. You will receive tracking information as soon as the box ships. I am reasonably certain that you will in fact receive the box by Halloween.

Q: Will the polishes in the box be available individually or outside of the box?
A: All of the polishes in the BQB/BQB+4 are exclusive to the box, and will not be made available individually outside of the BQB. However, some of us do choose to sell our extra bottles in mystery bags, but we cannot guarantee this will be the case.

Q: Why can’t I redeem PhLL Rewards Points on my BQB/BQB+4 orders? Will I still earn my points?
A: Since the BQB/BQB+4 is a combined effort between several makers, and the proceeds are shared amongst them, redeeming reward points specific to PhLL is not fair to the rest of the box participants. However, you can absolutely earn points with your purchase, which will be usable on future orders that do not contain a BQB, prototype, or mystery bag.

Q: Do any of the makers in the BQB use the harmful base that Mentality uses? 
A: No. We can all safely say that we do not use the same base, and can provide confirmation from our suppliers to back up our claim, if needed.


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